Exterior Renovation

Clifford Joyner Construction Company can transform the exterior of your home. This can be done by adding stone, changing siding, replacing warn out roofing, expanding or replacing decks and rails, new door and windows, paint and general maintenance. We offer three-dimensional architectural renderings so you can see how it will look before any changes are made! Give us a call for a free consultation and estimate!

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Ford Entryway – Black Forest

Sometimes the smallest of adjustments have the biggest impact.  This beautiful home in Black Forest was wonderful for the clients, until they needed to use the front door in a rain or snowstorm.  Then the uncovered entryway became a hassle and very uncomfortable to use.  Enter Joyner Construction to help create a statement entryway with all of the engineering needed to span the unique site and create a protected area for the homeowners to greet their guests.

Powell Exterior Renovation project

This client wanted to spruce up their home with an exterior renovation to have more curb appeal. They wanted a more rustic look to fit with their beautiful mountain environment. We did 3D exterior renderings so they could see how it would look prior to building. We added synthetic stone, decorative timber trusses above the windows, timber corner boards, log rail banister, and painted the roof overhang.

Location: Monument, Colorado

Bohjanen Exterior Rennovation

This client had some serious problems with water accumulating at the base of their home which we were able to fix.

Smith Exterior Rennovation

This client wantedto upgrade theirhome with a handsome stucco finish and wall which lined the driveway.