Podrovitz Project

The Podrovitz home was originally built in the seventies with small bedrooms and no upper level laundry. It had a sunroom added in the mid 70’s with a flat roof that repeatedly leaked.

Clifford Joyner Construction saw the potential in the home and built an 18′ foot by 24′ foot addition. We matched the original stonework siding for a seamless finish, doubled the size of the master bedroom, replaced the existing trim and doors, added a luxury master bath, a walk in closet and an upper level laundry room. We also added to and remodeled the existing basement underneath the new master bedroom, as well as remodeled the family bathroom, replaced flooring, replaced fascia board with maintenance free material and replaced all existing gutters. We also built a sloped roof above the existing flat roof to eliminate the leakage that was occuring in the existing roof system.