Johnson Garage Addition

Our client had a business selling classic Mustang parts in Bolder. He retired from that job and sold out most of his inventory. He kept his impressive car collection including a Shelby GT500 and Shelby GT350. Also replicas of each that he could actually drive around. He needed a large garage (12 car ) in addition to the 3 car garage on his current home.

We did not want the house to look like a storage facility with 15 overhead doors in a row. His lot also did not have the width for a wide garage. We designed a drive though structure that had room for 4 rows of 3 cars. Because the cars at the hart of his collection were to valuable to drive on a daily basis this was a acceptable solution. The garage is insulated and heated with finished walls and storage in the attic.

Cliff Joyner Construction specializes in building garage additions, conversions and garage renovations that will add lasting value and usefulness to your home.

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