Hurley Project

The Clients had a beautiful site in Black Forest and a house that was not fulfilling their needs.  The husband has classic trucks that needed a place to be worked on, and the wife’s love of sewing and crafts was hindered by not enough space.  They called Joyner Construction Co. twice to come out and expand their home so that they could enjoy their hobbies to the full. The pictures show the final product which includes an expanded upper level for a larger craft room, guest room, and master suite, larger living areas, covered porch, and a car enthusiasts dream garage with a fireplace, built in air compressor system, finished walls, and a vehicle lift.

The Hurley house was built in the seventies with a small bedroom and family room. To update this house we built a two story super insulated 18′ foot by 24′ foot addition to the rear of the house, doubling the size of the master bedroom and family room. We added a 5 piece luxury master bathroom with a whirlpool tub and two person tile shower, a walk in closet, as well as remodeled two existing bathrooms present in the home.

This project is a great example of how we can increase the square footage of your home to better suit your personal needs and lifestyle!

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